Municipal Swimming Pool


Redevelopment of the Rieti Municipal Swimming Pool

Safe Log has recently completed a significant redevelopment project at the Rieti Municipal Swimming Pool, implementing their innovative product Safe Floor. The entire outdoor flooring of the pool has been covered with this cutting-edge material, known for its anti-slip properties, significantly enhancing the safety of the area.

A Safe and Visually Appealing Environment
In addition to ensuring a safe environment, the redevelopment project has transformed the pool’s aesthetic appeal. The new design features a distinctive visual concept with “giant drops” that highlight the safety of Safe Floor even when wet. This aesthetic choice not only enhances the visual attractiveness of the pool but also underscores Safe Log’s commitment to providing maximum safety for all users.

The redevelopment project at the Rieti Municipal Swimming Pool was successfully completed and delivered in April 2024. Thanks to this intervention, the pool has not only become a safer place for swimmers but has also acquired a new, modern, and appealing look.

Safe Log: Innovation and Safety
Safe Log continues to stand out in the industry due to its dedication to innovation and safety. The installation of Safe Floor at the Rieti Municipal Swimming Pool is just one example of their commitment to improving public spaces, making them safer and more functional.

With this project, Safe Log once again demonstrates its ability to combine safety and design, offering flooring solutions that not only protect users but also enrich the surrounding environment.


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