Campgrounds Pool


Pool Slide Flooring for Campgrounds

In this Camping with Pool in Jesolo, the safety and enjoyment of guests are top priorities. That’s why the management has chosen to install Safe Floor trauma-resistant and non-slip flooring on the slide platforms in the pool, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Here’s why Safe Floor is the ideal choice for our camping pool in Jesolo:

  1. Trauma-Resistant and Safe: Slide platforms are high-risk areas for falls and injuries, which is why we chose Safe Floor to provide effective cushioning against potential accidents. The trauma-resistant flooring reduces the impact of falls, thus protecting guests from potentially serious injuries.
  2. Non-Slip: Thanks to its non-slip surface, Safe Floor ensures a secure grip even when the slide platforms are wet. This reduces the risk of slips and falls, allowing guests to enjoy the slides with greater peace of mind and safety.
  3. Resilient and Durable: Safe Floor is designed to withstand daily wear and tear and the typical outdoor pool conditions. Made with high-quality materials, it ensures long-lasting performance and requires minimal maintenance, allowing guests to have fun without worries.
  4. Comfort and Well-being: The soft and comfortable surface of Safe Floor ensures maximum comfort for guests, allowing them to walk and play safely.

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