Safe Floor is the first rubber tile designed for use with bare feet in swimming pools and water parks. Safe Floor non-slip flooring:

The only soft flooring that can be customized and certified for wet and / or slippery indoor and outdoor environments. The Safe Floor design has been studied to create the right friction between the surface and the wet feet so that no one slips.

You know how dangerous it can be for people to slip on wet surfaces. That’s why we developed Safe Floor – the first soft non-slip sectional floor designed specifically for wet environments. It is made of high quality materials and has been extensively tested to ensure safety and comfort. We guarantee your customers will love using our product! it will also drastically decrease accidents in the pool (bruises, stitches, fractures, etc.).

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Aquapark who have chosen Safe floor:


The only rubber tile designed for wet environments and certified. Provides a safe environment for children and adults of all ages to enjoy water parks, swimming pools and other slippery surfaces.
Customizable flooring that is perfect for any park, hotel, or private or public pool.

Safe Floor tile meets unique performance standards including:

  • Impact absorption;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • UV resistance;
  • Slip resistance;
  • Waterproofness;
  • Cleanability.


Duplo Lego Splash in Gardaland with Safe Floor

For the safety of millions of children Safe Floor is used in the most important amusement parks, ideal for not slipping and perfect for absorbing shocks, Safe Floor is offered in two different thicknesses of 0.6 cm and 1 cm.

Extremely easy to clean as it does not absorb any type of liquid, resistant to mold and bacteria because of closed cells.

In case of damage to the tile it is possible to replace it by removing only the same, without damaging the undamaged part.

This is a quick intervention that can be carried out by one of our operators.

What is a splash pad?

A splash pad, also known as a spray park or splash park, is a recreational area designed for water play that has little or no standing water. It features various water-spraying, -sprouting, and -falling elements such as fountains, misters, and sprinklers. These elements are often interactive, allowing children to control the flow and direction of the water, making it a popular attraction for families.

teak floor covered with non slip rubber floor


Intervention in Turin for the safety and remaking of worn teak wood, dangerous due to the possibility of splinters, cuts and wounds. The Safe Floor flooring goes to cover without demolition interventions, creating an immediate safety in the whole complex. You no longer have to worry about accidents or injuries due to slippery or dangerous floors in the pool area. And with its incredible durability, this product will last for years without needing to be replaced, so you don’t have to spend money every few months on a new material!

The Ultimate Waterpark Flooring Solution

When it comes to water parks, safety and enjoyment must go hand in hand. At Safe Floor, we understand the importance of creating a secure environment for guests. Our specialized waterpark flooring solutions are designed to provide unparalleled safety while enhancing the overall experience. Here’s why Safe Floor is the best choice for your water park.

Superior Slip Resistance

Waterparks are filled with wet surfaces, which can be a safety hazard if not managed properly. Safe Floor’s waterpark flooring features advanced slip-resistant technology, ensuring guests of all ages can walk, run, and play confidently without the fear of slipping. Our flooring provides excellent traction even when wet, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Pool Design and Safety

When considering the design and construction of a pool, various factors such as safety and functionality come into play. Whether you are contemplating a ground pool, indoor pool, or concrete pool, understanding the options and safety measures is crucial.
Types of Pools

  • Ground Pool: These pools are built into the ground and are a popular choice for their aesthetic appeal and durability.
  • Indoor Pool: Ideal for year-round swimming, these pools are enclosed within a structure, providing a controlled environment.
  • Concrete Pool: Known for their strength and longevity, concrete pools can be customized to any shape or size, making them a versatile option.

The choice of your pool tiles is important not only for the aesthetic but also for safety. Non-slip tiles can help prevent slipping and falling, which is a common concern around wet areas. Also around the pool area it’s crucial to install safety surfacing to minimize the risk of accidents. Rubber tiles coatings can provide a non-slip surface, reducing the chances of slipping and falling.


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